Code: Using OpenSoundControl and FaceCap to manipulate blendshapes live in Unreal Engine

Saw an OSC + Facecap implementation for Unity and one for Motionbuilder but nothing for Unreal Engine. UE has native OSC support but zero tutorials on how to do it with Facecap. Plus, there’s an annoying 4.25 bug that I had to build a workaround for.
I’ll pad this out later with what OSC/Facecap are and where the potential use cases lie, but here’s some code so you can get started if you know what you’re doing. Here’s the result you can expect:
(starts at 15min)

Level blueprint:

Anim Graph:

Should work flawlessly as long as your model has Blendshapes that adhere to FACs standard. More info on FACs standard, OSC and Facecap here:

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